No matter what sport you play or at what level you play, speed & agility training is essential. It helps increase athletic performance through improved speed, acceleration, flexibility, balance, and agility. Here’s a breakdown of some of the benefits of speed and agility training for athletes:

Increased athleticism through increases in core strength, dynamic flexibility, and overall control and balance.

Improved ability to move more quickly – whether it’s at the start of the movement or for longer periods of time.

Reduced risk of injuries through better balance and flexibility.

Better mind-body connection with muscle memory and habit-forming movements for game-time.

Next Level Performance’s speed and agility training is designed to help athletes perform better and improve their overall athleticism.


When done properly, strength training has a multitude of benefits for athletes of all ages and levels. It can increase muscle strength & endurance, while also protecting muscles and joints from sports-related injuries.

Strength training helps create a foundation for the future of an athlete by developing motor skills, creating a better understanding of muscle mechanics, and improving coordination so that they may remain stable and strong throughout their athletic career.

At Next Level Performance, our trained professionals will guide the athlete’s strength training program to improve their strength successfully and safely.


In partnership with Priority 1 Athletics, we’re proud to offer basketball training that pushes each player to become the best version of themselves on the court. Our basketball training focuses on 3 core areas to help each player become a well-rounded and skilled athlete:

Shooting Skills

proper shooting techniques, like catching and releasing and shooting off the dribble

Ball Handling

mechanics of ball handling, with an emphasis placed on dribbling, creating space, and controlling the ball under pressure


improve speed, agility, and balance on the court


BATTER UP! Come get stronger, throw harder, run faster, and more with Next Level Performance. Our indoor turf space has floor-to-ceiling netting to allow for batting and/or pitching/throwing practice. Together we’ll work on movements specific to baseball and softball that can help improve bat speed, as well as hip drive for pitchers.

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