Academic Prep

Athletes possess a large number of traits and values that have helped them become successful in sports, including discipline, commitment, focus, work ethic, resilience, etc, etc, etc. Yet when it comes to academics, they may not recognize these attributes in themselves.

Having your head in the game is just as important, if not more important, off the court as it is on the court. Whether you plan to compete athletically after high school or not, having a strong foundation of academic skills will help you be successful throughout life.

Next Level Performance strives to help athletes become well-rounded individuals, and a part of that includes academics. Our facility has a study room on site where athletes can have reliable internet to work on various assignments or meet for study groups.

Many of our trainers have made the transition from high school athlete to collegiate athlete and can help map that journey out for students who may be interested in learning more about how that works.

By providing this space onsite, we’re hoping to help student-athletes learn how to better balance school and sports while providing a safe and collaborative space to do so.